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Stainless steel sheets
Stainless steel has many advantages, so the products from it are in great demand in various industries. Stainless steel is well welded in various ways, plastic and easy enough to process. At the same time, it is durable, resistant to corrosion and mechanical wear, and also has an attractive appearance and harmoniously combines with other materials. Stainless steel metal is used in mechanical engineering, food and chemical industries, construction, energy and agriculture.

Paslanmaz vərəq modelləri
Paslanmaz vərəq modelləri
Paslanmaz vərəq modelləri

ico soruWhy «Pillekenler» ?

The website service provided by high-qualified experts in the field of working with ladders. Since our work consists of stairs - we solve any problems on stairs.
Convenient location for our office is always open for you.

ico cambalkonWhy «Nur Pilləkən» ?

"Nur Pilləkən" company since 2010 uses in the field the latest technology, every day is expanding its product portfolio, implement projects of any complexity in the field of stairs.

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Who said that quality work should be obligatory expensive? Those who know their business a professional team easily overcome the most complex projects in the area of stairs. Equipment in the latest technology to facilitate the work of making the price is very favorable.